May 5, 2012

JQ's Rules to Baby Bargain Sales

When I was pregnant with the little one, there were no babies in our family, no hand me downs from relatives.. we were starting from scratch. Perfect, I thought! All brand spanking new pretty things!

Yeah, that actually kinda blows we came to find out. Toys [shockingly] cost money- along with every single new gadget one must have to raise such a baby. Even though we were really lucky to receive MANY amazing things at our shower- there are so many other things you don't even think of until the baby is a little older. So when Lil C was about 6 months old, I'd heard of a 'used toy, clothing and gear' sale in Needham that they have twice a year. I left her at home with Daddy and checked it out. Hot dang! I had to park like a mile away. I strolled in 2 hours after it had opened and it was still going strong. They give you a big plastic bag and let you into babymania XXV.

When you have a baby that's finally out of the blob stage, you know that any new toy you give them is exciting, whether its used or not. I did my supermarket sweep of the place and headed up to the register.. $18. Done. Say what? Only $18???

I headed home so excited of my grab bag and couldn't wait to go google all the stuff I'd gotten to see how much I saved (cos this is the stuff that excites me). My prized item of that trip this musical toddler table..

Well today I hit the the sale again. I'd prepared much more than the first time. My mom and I hit up Cafe Fresh bagel (fact: the best bagel place in the entire world) at 7:45am where we met E (whose expecting her first little one in the fall!) We fueled up and headed over to get there at 8:15, for an 8:30 opening. Ohhhhhh the line was already down the street. But as soon as it hit 8:30, everyone got inside and got on with their business. Once again, my plastic bag was filled by the time I hit up the checkout line ten minutes later.. thinking I'd grabbed too many things, I tried to calculate it in my head before she said 'That will be $21, please." NICE!!

BTW, Babies R Us charges $21 just for walking in the door ;)

- get in, get out and NO eye contact
- leave your emotions in the car. there will definitely be an item that you + one other person will reach for. Be the bigger person! You will find something more fabulous around the corner.
- NEVER bring your child to such an event. we saw so many moms and dads pushing around a huge stroller through a gigantic crowd of people.. I honestly thought they'd gotten a sweet deal on a stroller, until I realized there was an actual baby inside!! [Those things are priceless]
- in Hunger Games terms, the outside area to the side is the cornucopia, it will have all the big ticket items (high chairs, strollers, baby gates, etc) But like the cornucopia, there is much risk involved due to the crowds
- ABC (always bring cash)
- bring a big car. You never know what you will find, even if you weren't looking for it. E ended up getting a sweet bassinet (for only $15!! This thing was definitely priced over $100 at some point)
- toy wipes are your best friends ($5 at amazon).
- TAA (there's always amazon if you didn't find what you were looking for) In my case, that was a little tikes picnic table!

And most important? Always have a smile on your face.. you just saved yourself a few dollars.. now go treat yo self to a mani pedi!!

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Lacey Bean said...

Dear god let them have something like that in NY!!

Hogger and Co. said...

WOW, that is amazing, who knew?? Definitely will keep this in mind, love stuff like this!

Katelin said...

wow that sounds awesome and what a great idea. you are quite the pro and is it weird that i want lil C's dress in my size because it is ADORABLE, haha.

Hope said...

After Baby Gummybear shows up, I am definitely going to check out that sale!