May 25, 2012

Sinuses Shminuses

Why do people pick up allergies when they get older? In my case 'getting older' was the day I turned 26. For real. That's when my sinuses starting acting up. For OC housewives fans, this is not going to turn into an Alexis post of why she needed a nose job.. because I'm far from that, I happen to like my big nose. Luckily this only happens in May, but three Mays in a row is starting to get really forgetting (as Cee Lo would say) annoying.

Sinus cold turned into a sinus infection which turned into not being able to smell or taste for 7 days, and then throw in a few fevers and rudolf nose. And taking care of a 14 month old the entire time.

But alas, this is NOT a debbie downer post, just more of an excuse of why there are barely any posts this month! I'm feeling a million times better (beside from the semi loss of senses still)

A gorgeous fancy pants chair I spotted at HomeGoods that immediately reminded me of Tiffany & Co! It even has glittery threads throughout so it sparkles.. and the nail head detail just screams serious blogging will be done in this chair.

It fits in perfectly with the rest of the room which has morphed into an office/playroom.

Kate Spade Sunglasses for 40% off the OUTLET price [PS. 40% off at a Kate Spade New York Outlet near you all weekend]! Plus they are navy blue, which is just magical. Mom tip.. if you feel the need to go to the outlets but do not want to spend a lot of money, just bring my daughter with you, and she'll have you in and out of there in 20 minutes..  J.Crew has a bunch of great stuff too -- for the 8 minutes we were able to go shopping there. Lil C's Stroller + 5,000 local College Grads enjoying their first week done with school at the outlets = no room to navigate around the store. Womp womp. I know.. poor me.

This girl right here. My favorite new trick she's learned?? All of a sudden, sitting down playing with her toys, when she just looks up and runs over to me to give me a big bear hug. And then goes right back to playing with her toys. Heart. Melts. Every. Time.
Oh, and she cleans too.
Happy Hour Bridal Shower for one Miss 'soon to be Mrs' Susie of We Are Not Martha! Chelsee, Becca and I surprised Susie at jm Curley's on a Friday afternoon to catch up before the big wedding day while drinking delicious beers and nibbling on Fried Pickles... everyone must experience those..  
Speaking of weddings, I received this gorgeous card the other day shortly after my brother GOT ENGAGED!!! How pretty is this card? And the bride-to-be painted them herself! I think she should sell them on etsy. And btw, it was just another amazing idea found on Pinterest..
The happy newly engaged! MQ + L
Disregard the Tough Guy photo-bomb in the back.

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend. FYI- check back in on Tuesday because there is going to be a pritty pritty amazing giveaway here.. I'll give you a hint.. AHOY

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thatShortchick said...

I'm loving that chair! I'm looking for something similar only in green...looks like I have an impending trip to home goods in my future.

I went through the same thing with my sinuses..when I moved to NC five years ago - it was a brutal slap to my face..all of sudden breathing through my nose became an occasional occurence. thankfully, with time, it's gotten better and only rough in the mornings.

Hope said...

Love the chair and the sunglasses!

I feel your pain on the sinus pain. I have rhinitis of pregnancy and it's driving me nuts.

Hogger and Co. said...


Katelin said...

that chair is fabulous, fits perfectly in that room! also C is just getting cuter and bigger and ah, love.

and yay congrats to your brother and love that bridesmaid card, such a cute idea.

admin said...

Seems like everyone loves the chair. I love the design too though I would prefer orange color, which is my favorite color.

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