September 19, 2012


Just watched 'Your Sister's Sister'. After a stellar recommendation from Caroline, Tough Guy and I checked it out this weekend and it was lovely. Just really good acting and a cool location (somewhere in Washington State). I'm a big fan of FX's The League, so it was nice seeing Mark Duplass... basically playing the same character. Emily Blunt had a lot to prove to me after the craptastic movie "The Adjustment Bureau" -- snoozefest. But her and Rosemarie Dewitt had great performances as well.. Tough Guy liked the movie as well so it gets the guy seal of approval.

Counting down the days for Katelin to visit Boston on her blog tour (that's what I'm calling it). I'm so excited grab some dinner with her and her hubby Matt, while also introducing her a few other crazy Boston bloggers I hang out with! Just about a month away..

Cooking for a new mom! One of my best friends, Erica, had a baby last week and of course Pinterest inspired me to make her and her husband some dinner to bring over today (obviously a great excuse to see this adorable newborn again!)
Had to share a pic of this little beauty!!
I just designed both the labels in Illustrator, and last night of made the most amazing Mac and Cheese ever, bought a box of fudge covered oreos (the extras were shared with Tough Guy who was drooling over them) and voila, present done.

She'll also be getting a few of my favorite Lil C newborn outfits, they are way too cute not to be shared..  (real translation - I'm in denial and like to think there will be another Baby-girl-Q in my future someday) I cannot believe its already been a year and a half since my baby was wearing them!

But then I see this lovely, amazing gift Auntie Lauren got BabyQ #2 from Janie and Jack. I could get used to little baby boy clothes now! The tough thing about this is the fact that we have to get through a WINTER (and not to mention.. a birth) in New England before we get to enjoy this :)

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Hope said...

I looooove fudge covered Oreos. I haven't had one in years, but now I want one all kinds of bad!

I just pulled Lilian's newborn onesies out of rotation. Sob! They're all gender neutral, so I think I can justify keeping them. Sortof. Well, they are pretty tiny.

Katelin said...


Jackie said...

precious baby and adorable clothes!