September 7, 2012

Good Reads

If you remember how freaking 'drink the kool-aid' I was about The Hunger Games, this is about 100 times more bad ass than that book. It just is. Don't look up anything about it before you read. Just read it! I am not even going to get into it.. but my homework for you is to read this book. (buy it on amazon, $14)

I love how when I showed up to the book club to discuss this one, my first question was "Book was great- but what we really need to discuss is who the hell does Reese Witherspoon cast for this movie that she has the rights to -- and please Reese, stay behind the camera for this one even though I love you.

 The best way to recommend books for a book club is to just pull up Entertainment Weekly's Best of [insert previous year] so The Marriage Plot was one of them, and honestly, I liked the cover design of the book -- which is besides the point considering I just buy it on the Kindle. Also, it received a Pulitzer Prize, so of course I knew it would be at my level of awesomeness. Maybe I was in a weird mood that day, but when I picked up this book, never before had I been so keen on finishing something. I needed to know what happened at the end of the book or else I wouldn't be able to sleep. Even with the Hunger Games, I got a night of sleep in before finishing. Its set in the 80s and its about some kids from Brown who had just graduated, and maybe for me it was just nice to get lost in a book and remember that point in life, where you had no clue what you were going to do with your life, wondering if you're too young to get married (I was only 24 when becoming a Mrs.) and throw in some college sweetheart romance, along with another suitor who is also pining for you -- which I know happened to all of us in school. oh totally. (amazon, $16)

The one is also turning into a movie!!!

And let's not forget about the juiciest book that has arrived in an amazon box at my doorstep this week...

I've mentioned this tumblr, Suri's Burn Book, many a times on the JQ Lounge. Its amazing and gives the perfect voice to Suri Cruise, while saying all the hilarious things we think about Hollywood babies and kids. I honestly haven't even sat down and read it yet, I just had to have it present on my bookshelf. (amazon, $10)

Any other good reads you'd like to recommend??

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thatShortchick said...

oh girl we MUST talk about Gone Girl. I just finished it on Monday and I was pissed about the last third of the book. I mean, REALLY?!

Lately, the only book that I recommend (that I've been recommending to everyone) is Room by Emma Donoghue.

Hope said...

I'm still working on it, because I don't have much time for reading, but I'm really enjoying The Art of Fielding.

Julie Q said...

Ahh! I read Emma's book about fairy tales earlier this summer, will have to check out Room. And Hope- The Art of Fielding is next on my list in my head, because that was another story featured on the EW Best of 2011 books

brookem said...

I just finished Gone Girl this weekend and loved it too, but was disappointed by the ending! Hmm. We need to be able to discuss this somewhere! I also heard Reese is starring in that movie- as Amy! Weird- I don't see it!

Jackie said...

Gone Girl is loaded on my kindle and the next book I am planning to read!

Katelin said...

I cannot wait to read Gone Girl, I'm going to borrow it from my MIL soon and just yes, can't wait to discuss.

Also, cannot wait to read the Suri book, the blog kills me.