September 27, 2012

Nursery update, Vol. 1 / BabyQ#2

Lil C is getting a roommate next year. Don't cry for her Argentina!! The walls are already light blue for her owl/birdie themed nursery. But there will be a little boy moving in there at some point, so we're starting to work on how to update it accordingly.

While we did massive house reno when I was pregnant with C, this time around, we are all about the SMALL little projects. There's not TOO much we need to do, but getting the closet ready for another baby -- on top of accommodating Miss Diva's wardrobe.. was a big priority. Looking at Pinterest, I had so many big plans.. striped closet walls, or maybe even some amazing wallpaper inside! But when it came down to "We can do this in about 1 hour if we just install the new shelving" I was sold. I didn't want to kick C out of her room for 2 days so I could paint some stripes in a closet. HAVING SAID THAT.. I do plan on doing stripes on the window wall in the nursery, so I'll pick a weekend where she'll sleep elsewhere.

For under $150 at Home Depot, we got 2 shelves and 2 clothing rods (1 for C and one for the new guy) and whatever dohickeys one needs to keep those from falling - luckily I had nothing to do with installing this.

And just like he claimed.. 45 minutes later we had this!

Not sure why we didn't think of this sooner. There was just so much wasted space with the old setup. Now there will be plenty of room for cute little new outfits for both of these kiddos. And there is enough room under the bottom shelf to stick the boxes of diapers, misc diaper bags, etc

The baby boy shopping has begun..
This champion wrestling belt is to be hung above our baby boy's crib.. We shall see about that.

Some of my favorite Fall outfits so far for little Miss C!

I want these socks in my size!!

 "You're not going to go crazy with boys clothes are you, this time around?" said a nervous Tough Guy on the ride home from the u/s a few weeks back.

My reply? A big ole smile.

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Hope said...

Love the blue gingham on that first shirt!

My brother-in-law is getting us an Elpha closet system from the Container Store for our munchkin's nursery. I'm stoked!

Susan said...

I think I'm going to host our next seasonal glitter bash so you can give us reorganizing ideas!