September 11, 2012


Well let's just say I'm beyond shocked. Though this pregnancy has been a breeze so far (knock on wood, and let's not kid ourselves.. when I say a 'breeze' it just means I'm not throwing up every 5 seconds), I just assumed it'd be another little girl. It was all set -- same season, same amazing little girl clothes I kept in such good shape just for this moment!

"There's the penis!" heard round the world during our 18 week ultrasound. "WHAT??" Tough Guy and I jumped up and yelled out (I mean YELLED) when we heard. It was a shock, but we were totally thrilled by the surprise! And Tough Guy still denies it when I say he all of a sudden perked up during the rest of the ultrasound...

Plus, little boys in khakis and rugby shirts makes my heart just melt. And since my husband won't let me dress him (you can see my board on Pinterest of what I'd put him in), this little guy has no clue what's coming his way!! Except he is still getting dragged to Tea Parties with Lil C and I. That's for sure.

Any advice on how to get an 18 month old excited for a new sibling? I feel like she doesn't get it, understandably so since she's still my little baby!! We have plenty of time so I'm not too worried. But yeah, any ideas from your experience (or a friend's) would be much appreciated!

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Lexilooo said...

so fun! congratulations!

Hope said...

Congratulations! :D

Katelin said...

eeeeee! congrats!!