September 20, 2012

Such a Pinstrosity!

As you all know, I'm a big fan of pinterest [you can follow me: here]. So far, most of the things I've made that were inspired by pinterest have been pretty good - SO FAR is the key phrase. But this new blog, Pinstrosity, could be my new favorite blog since Suri's Burn Book!

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This kick ass blog shares, the good, the bad and the ugly that is the world of DIY. 

(All via Pinstrosity!) 

The original pin: a fabooloos DIY shirt dress!
The pintrosity! At least you got a sweet scarf out of the deal.

The original pin - some peppered eggs for your Sunday morning?

The pinstrosity! Oh hells no.
The original pin, what better way to show Dad you love him!

The pinstrosity! Yes, this is how I think 100% of my photography pins would turn out if I attempted them.

Basically you can get lost on this amazing blog. So go ahead and check out all the other amazing Pinstrosity's there are! But the cool thing is, its not about just bashing DIY projects gone wrong.. there are posts where after the 3rd of 4th attempt- they get it pretty spot on to the original pin. Meaning there is hope for us all!

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Hope said...

Love it!

willikat said...

There's also the awesome "Pintester"...check it out!