September 23, 2012

Things I Love About Fall

Your hair always seems to look fab. The cool dry air. No humidity. Just flawless.

(this is obviously the look I will try to recreate for the next 3 months, cross your fingers)

Fall nail polish


There's a little left of summer tan on your skin that can be saved with a little bronzer.

Apple picking

Lazy Sundays. Tough Guy sets up for football on the couch all day (aka built in babysitter).
Lil C's expression in this last Patriots season? Priceless.

Comfort food. Slow cookers. Baking. The only time I'm motivated to make any of that -- is in the fall.

Sun is still out even though the temp is dropping! Which makes Iced Coffee still doable for another month or so. (Also, I'm one of the 4 Americans who does not like Starbucks or their Pumpkin Spice. gasp!)

Random fall weekends in Boston

Pumpkin Patches

Fall weddings
6 years next weekend!

Attempting to make apple pie, but just realizing you like cold apples sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar much more betterer.

Boots and leggings, scarfs and sweaters, oh my!

Fall Yankee Candles

Fall television

Decorating pumpkins

What's your favorite part of Fall?

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Hope said...

It's a tie between the boot and apple seasons!

Lexilooo said...

I vote for turtleneck sweaters! I just love them!

Jackie said...

Love fall too! I wore my TB boots yesterday for the first time and was in heaven. I love being able to have the windows open. Not too warm and not too cold.

Katelin said...

i really would like fall to come to california, in the meantime i am so ready for my east coast fall.

i love scarves and apples and baking and sweaters and pumpkin decorating and just oh, i cannot wait.

thatShortchick said...

Fall is my favorite thanks to the start of new TV seasons, leggings & boots, chili, scarves, and pumpkin-scented candles.