October 7, 2012

A Closer Look

Ryan Seacrest recently set up The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, with Justin Bieber's mom.  The two went to a... you guessed it.. Justin Bieber concert. This (along with the above picture) was all brought to you by Mrs Bieber's twitter account. Welp this now explains the Biebs throwing up at the concert, along with 25+ girls from The Bachelor he's probably hooked up with since dumping his wife earlier this year. DB men are not well liked at the JQ Lounge!

This {above} completely aligns with my thoughts on the 1st Presidential Debate of 2012. Also, if you follow me on twitter, I rallied for Andy Cohen to replace Jim Lehrer as moderator. Mitt and O would have been put in their place and would not have gone over 1 second in talking time. BLONK. Hillary is so fierce.

Kristin Cavallari, congrats on turning into the next Tori Spelling. Something tells me you're going to do everything in your power to whore out mommyhood. She'll announce the next pregnancy by NYE. Fo real. I really thought there was a chance it could make her a nicer person, but every since becoming a mom, she's knocked Vanessa Lachey for also naming her son Camden and then did the unicorn route by dropping all the baby weight at the hospital when delivering her son.. okay okay, maybe that's just straight up jealousy on my part! But something tells me there was no indulging in sweets (or carbs) during that pregnancy.. which means you are in for a long ass nine months.

Serious model face going on here.
Alright, enough snarkiness pour moi! Last weekend on our 6th wedding anniversary, Tough Guy was a good sport and tagged along with his girls to the GAP because I wanted to check out the baby/toddler sale. I'm totally good with maternity clothes (we'll save the shopping spree for after the new guy gets here), so Miss C did pritty pritty good. And Tough Guy got a shirt as well that I never thought he'd go for. He is going to look very GQ for a wedding we have next weekend!  Psssst.. Gap is still having an online sale -- 30% your total purchase -- Promo code: GAPCOLOR

And last but not least, Lauren sent me this link to the new Kindle commercial, and we've spotted the first Lil C doppelganger. 9 seconds in, the cute little mush mush in the purple polka dot leggings. I did a double take - she's in the screenshot before the video even plans too. Thanks Lauren for sending!!

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Lexilooo said...

Love Lil C's outfit and model face here! She'e such a doll!

thatShortchick said...

Lady C clearly knows how to work it. I'm sure her smize is just as fierce!

and a big ol' EWWW! to the chris harrison/justin bieber mom hookup. Chris Harrison is so creepy.

Hope said...

Happy anniversary! I love those sparkly blue shoes.