October 18, 2012


Crossed something off my blogger bucket list. FINALLY met Katelin of Pretty Sandy Feet this past weekend!! My favorite LA Blogger was going on (what I call) her East Coast publicity tour.. in reality, it was a chance for her and her husband to see the East Coast and visit all the fun cities (DC, NYC, Boston, etc). Sunday night we met at ArtBar in Cambridge along with the We Are Not Martha girls, and Susan of Transient Travels.

Granted I was a little jet lagged from driving 12 hrs back and forth to upstate NY earlier that weekend for a wedding, but it was such a fun dinner! She is just as fun and bubbly as she always is on her blog every day. I think this calls for a trip to LA next year! Who's in.

Transferring about 700 pictures from my Google phone to my desktop, because this chick is about to get her VERY FIRST IPHONE!!!! Tough Guy ordered me the iPhone 5 and every day I'm checking the mailbox for its arrival! I'm so excited to have a better camera phone since half the ones I try to take of Lil C come out blurry on my current phone. Cannot wait to figure out what the hell types of apps I should get for the newest addition to the family!

Curling my hair almost as good as a professional now. Will instagram the finished product next time (my instagram name is: jqlounge) I recently purchased Remington's Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand from amazon. Note: the difference between a curling iron and a curling wand is the iron has the clamp, and the wand does not. This means for bouncier curls that turn into sexy waves if you brush them out. It was only $26 which came in handy with an Amazon giftcard I had from my Yiayia for my birthday. It was a little confusing at first with the glove, but this video was so easy to follow!

After a few curls, you actually can do it with out the glove. Just have to be cautious!
I highly recommend this purchase, especially with all the holiday parties coming up.


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Katelin said...

aw love that picture, it was SO GREAT to finally meet you! seriously how come it took so long!!? why are boston and LA just so far apart!!?

anyhoo, loved dinner and loved you! wee! xo

thatShortchick said...

I'm definitely buying that curling wand!