October 21, 2012

Kate Spade Friends & Family ends tonite!

Today is the last day of Kate Spade's Friends and Family 30% off discount. The terrible news is, I do not think I will be purchasing anything this time around.. (silly unexpected extra vet and car bills this month!).. BUT the good news is, that's what blogs are for! Its like my own little dream board (okay, I could just be doing this on pinterest instead but....)

Karolina 3" heels, $298 (With 30% off? What does that come to.. $50? That sounds right) 
Suzette Coat, $698 (so about $175 after the F&F discount.. for sure)

 Now THIS is my idea of a tennis bracelet, $58 (practically free after discount)

Q cards (respectively), $26 (I'm just assuming they'll issue you a credit with the money you would be making back after this discount is applied?)

I'm already obsessed with my Lilly Pulitzer iPad cover that Er got me for my 30th, but this gem is too good not to share!!! $85  Coincidently, she also got me a Kate Spade gift card.. hmmmm maybe I will be shopping later tonite after all! xoxo

That's it for this evening.. I will start to have a temper tantrum if I look up any more goodies on this site!! Let me know if you get anything fab! Happy Shopping.
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Lexilooo said...

that suzette coat is gorgeous!