November 1, 2012

10 Things Every Woman Should Have

I absolutely adored this article in November's Allure magazine. Oscar de la Renta lists the 10 Things Every Woman Should Have and I wondered.. do I have all of these things?

1. A great romance. I'd like to think I have that. You always look back to everything you've gone through with your partner and think.. wow, that would be an amazing movie (that probably Tough Guy and I would be the only ones who would be able to sit through considering it'd be 12 years long).

2. Face-Framing earrings. This is a tough one. While I have one pair I can think of, they are gold and turquoise.. and I never wear them. Oscar says "Its a great compliment to the face to have something that moves", so for Christmas, I'm going to pick out a pair. I don't think Oscar de la Renta has dealt with a 20 month old though, because C would never allow me to wear dangling earrings in front of her. It would have to be for a night out!

Clutch, J. Crew
3. A small bag. "Full of mystery" I do have a couple small bags, but the real mystery would be what would ever fit in them? Maybe a phone and a gloss. Maybe.

Black Lace Dress, Lilly Pulitzer
4. Black lace. Flirty and feminine. That just screams maternity style, right?

5. A confident walk. I've watched enough ANTM (during the good years with Miss J Alexander, above) in my life to appreciate my walk.. which is actually soon to turn into a waddle since I'm well into 6 months of pregnancy.

6. A cause to support. "When you rest, you rust"-- another Oscar gem from the article.  We lost a dear dear friend last year in a tragic accident, and Tough Guy and his friends have spent many days and nights putting together a scholarship in his name to that will go to students at Brian's high school as well as a deserving student at RIT every year. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

7. Red carnations. Interesting. Not something I'd usually pick out, but if Oscar thinks I should, I will do so next time. Blonk.

Because this happens all the time, right?
8. A signature scent. "If you wear a different scent every day, I do not recognize you". Now this one would be difficult for me. Right now I switch it up every day between L'eau de Chloe, Philosophy's Falling in Love, Ralph, and Burberry Summer. I could never pick just one.. they are all so different. I am just another girl in the crowd I guess!

9. Very tall shoes. "They create a flattering line", says Oscar. I think 4.5 inches are the tallest pair I own, but they are straight up platform heels from Banana Republic that I love (think they were part of the Mad Men collection in stores last year). The rest of my heels are a boring 3 inches tops. If Tough Guy wanted to get me these Christian Louboutins for after baby #2? [should I pretend like I'll be wearing heels before that?]

PS. The BR ones are just as fab (and tall) so I could not justify the CL price tag.

10. A competitive streak. Yep. Definitely have that. Even if its just for the highest Sudoku score on our iPad. Which is unfortunately held by Tough Guy at the moment. One of these days I will take back the reign of smartest person in the house. Note- its at the expert level.. no joke. I can't do math for my life, but I get Sudoku, damnit.

Do you have all 10 of these things?

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Katelin said...

I definitely don't have all ten of these things but I love the idea and the list. I also miss Miss J and his fierce walk, seriously THE BEST.

Jackie said...

love this! especially, when you rest, you rust.

Hope said...

I'm not really a fan of carnations, so I'm not sure I can get behind this list. :p