November 13, 2012

Borrow Baby Couture

New Mom Erica texted me this morning "Were you watching the Today Show?? Borrow Baby Couture sounds right up your alley" -- while I did not get to catch it since we were already en route to a play date, I most definitely googled it as soon as I got home.

Its basically a Rent the Runway style club for baby & toddler clothes. Too cute!

You can sign up at their website for free to check out some of the pics at:

I have mixed thoughts about this. Obviously its such a cute idea, and who wouldn't want to pamper her little princess in some designer goods without spending an arm and a leg (some of these crazy things retail for more than $600). But now that my little munchkin is almost 2 years old, I feel like you live and you learn with babies and their outfits. My daughter had so many wardrobe changes her first year (and not because of blow outs) but because mommy bought way too many clothes while shopping when pregnant.

Looking back, I think it'd be fun to try out a pretty designer dress for a week and get that 'designer brand laaaaaaaaaa' out of your system. But some of the dresses on the site are just a little ridonculous, like this Fendi dress (below) that costs $90 a week. Eeeeeek. Just not my baby style for C.

But I would try something like this Stella dress for a party! $12.50/week.

I think its a fun concept, and I hope they do well and add more brands [so they can lower their prices a tad]. In the meantime I've found just as many adorable outfits at GAP, Old Navy and Macy's.

If Burberry was one of their Designers though, I totally would have caved and ordered a fantastic plaid dress for Christmastime, like this one.  

Plus Mazel to them and their cleaning policy!!
Please don't worry if your child has an "oops" moment! Simply return the item with a quick note on what you know about the spot to help us have the best chance of removal. Rest assured, we understand the importance of every item's freshness and safety. We will treat your child's clothing as we would treat our own! --Borrow Baby Couture's website
My big designer baby clothes moment??

I splurged and bought Miss C a pink Burberry sweater when I was still pregnant with her and didn't know any better! She wore it ONCE. And when she did wear it? Of course I took 50 pictures, but it ended with a big fat spit up incident. One dry cleaning later and its still hanging in her closet (I refuse to box it away even though its a 3-6 month size!) It will be hanging in her closet until she's 18. Oh dear.

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Hope said...

My 3 month old would happily take that sweater off of your hands. ;)

I don't think I'd bother renting clothes because the cheaper stuff can be just as adorable. And there isn't that whole "well, I'm only going to wear this once so I might as well rent it" deal... because there's a good chance that, with everything you buy, they might only wear it once.

Although I might consider renting something really fancy and adorable if we were going to a wedding.