November 20, 2012

Oprah's Favorite Things 2012

She may not be on our TV anymore (even though she kind of is-- but I don't even know what channel OWN is on) but the queen can still pick out some fabulous things for her infamous "Oprah Favorite Things 2012" list.

This year, she honored hardworking military spouses and gifting them with the goodies the media maven just loved.

Below are a few things I loved from the list!

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress:
Maybe its because of the 3rm trimester tossing and turning at night, but this mattress just sounds magical. It conforms to you like it was made just for you. Yup. Now if someone could just conform $2,699 to me so I can purchase this item. []

Just the name alone is worth the $25 price tag. And for all my White Wino friends out there? (Wait.. JUST ME?) the corkcicle is pure genius. Keeps your bottle cold without watering it down.

Rowallan of Scotland Jewelry Box:
This treasure chest would be perfect for all of my pretty things. When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things to do was play with my mom's jewelry case and organize all of her things. But even with the Oprah discounted price of $420, I'm sure I could find quite a few more trinkets to invest in besides this case.. as gorgeous as it is!

Tempur-Cloud Supreme Mattress
Sleeping Beauty
"Talk about favorite things! This Tempur-Cloud Supreme mattress conforms to the body like it was custom-made especially for you. I now have one in every bedroom. I sleep on it, my guests sleep on it, and then we all spend breakfast raving about it. This is like giving the gift of cloud nine."—Oprah
Queen mattress, $2,699 |

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Carousel Cakes Blue Velvet Cake: 
It just looks amazing. I love Tiffany Blue things as you already know!!! Cream cheese frosting and candied snowflake decorations are all you need to say to sell me on this cake. Plus its surprisingly not a million dollars! Just $34 with the OPRAH promocode before Dec 31st.

Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly Sandals:
If you are like me and follow 5,000 preppy tumblr pages, you'll notice that Jack Rogers sandals are preppy staple right up there with gingham and popped collars. I love these bright colors ($68) and the idea its going to be summer in 6 months or so.. please no later than that. 

Gemvara Naked Cushion Triple Earrings:
I would actually pick the yellow and purple ones pictured above, but you can actually customize them to any stone you like! 15% off too, thanks to O! []

Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila:
If Oprah tells me I can drink this tequila like a fine wine, then I must try Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila, damnit! Yes yes... after baby and breastfeeding of course.. but it would be something lovely to look forward to! I'd need to have a few 'sips' to forget that the bottle actually costs $275 though.

And you cannot do an Oprah post without this..

"Gayle fell hard for this blue velvet cake with cream cheese icing and sugar snowflakes. Just add coffee, milk, or a flute of Champagne."—Oprah

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Check out her website here for the rest of Oprah's Favorite Things 2012!

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