November 27, 2012

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt Date

Going out to public places is quite the ordeal when there is a toddler involved. When they are super young, kids are like luggage. You bring them everywhere in their car seat. Give them a bottle and they'll be snoozin' before you know it. Nooooo, not the toddler. Toddlers are much like Bravo Real Housewives.. they will find drama in ANY sort of party or outing :)

Luckily, the Orange Leaf in Arlington was the perfect place for a blogger date with Chelsee of We Are Not Martha and Becca. Their PR team was so sweet to send us some gift cards to check it out!! As soon as we walked in, I knew Lil C could hang out in here without offending anyone. It just looked so fun and I adored their setup... oh and there was delicious Frozen Yogurt involved as well! Since we were dealing with toddler hours, 11am was the perfect time for a 'treat yo self fro yo brunch'. Located in Arlington Center, there was plenty of parking [aka no parking can be such a deal breaker for a parent with a little one.]

So graceful, this little lady. And she's wearing her ice cream social outfit Auntie Ali got her from the GAP!

We opted for the Cake Batter flavor and it was amazing.  Fruity pebbles, heath bar, granola, you name it..  Lil C picked it out for a topping. She even turned into a grown up before my very eyes and wanted to eat it all by herself with a spoon.

And of course someone had to end up in the bucket. FYI-- this is Becca's plug for her babysitting service she wants to start up ;)

For a professional recap, you can check out Chelsee's post as well over at We Are Not Martha!

Thanks again, Orange Leaf! Cannot wait to come back..

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Jackie said...

OMG stop it with that baby blazer!!

Lexilooo said...

oh my goodness, Lil C is SUCH a doll! love the outfit! the blazer! so perfect.

Katelin said...

eeeee her little ice cream social outfit is too much & too cute! and love that baby in a bucket pic, she's too precious.