November 19, 2012

Someone has Med School in her future!

Must admit, I was worried in the beginning about bringing Lil C along with me for Baby Q #2 appointments. She's finally associated our Dr's office with her Pediatrician aka someone is most likely going to get a shot by the end of each visit. So her first reaction is to run.. run far far away. But she's been pretty fun to bring along so far once she realizes its not for her. Except when mom has to get her belly checked, she freaks out when I have to lie down on the table. My midwife is so great though, so she plops C right up there each time to check out the fun doppler and listen to her little brother's heart beat.

I love this little lady so much.

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Katelin said...

bah. just so cute. love it.

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Hope said...

What a little cutie!!!