November 9, 2012

The Name Game

When we found out Baby Q was going to be a little girl, within a day we had the name picked out. But weeks before the 18 week ultrasound, I'd thrown out some names that I had always loved even before I found out I was pregnant.. it was then I learned real soon the horrors of telling people names you like for your unborn children.. The filter behind some family when it comes to opinions about future family members names is straight out of a sitcom!!!

Friends seem to be the only ones who will say "Awwww I love that name" and even if they mean it or not, it is lovely to hear.

So family* and random strangers are the two groups of people who I've learned to keep the name choice to myself.

"Ugh! Sounds like slug"
"That's a DOGS name!!"
"You don't really want to name your kid that, do you??"
"Wait.. you serious??"
"'What-- like Khloe Kardashian?" *note-- we spell it with a C, so no, not like Khloe Kardash!
"This is what his nickname is going to be in middle school... [insert offensive comment here]"

...are just a few responses I've gotten.

Rest assure, not all family has that reaction. 75% of family members will smile and say its a great name [with 10% of those relatives most likely waiting to get on the phone with another family member to squak about the choice]. And when we did come up with my daughter's name and it was made very clear by Mommy and Tough Guy that this was THE NAME and it was not up for debate, the naysayers absolutely adored it. Although I'm sure they were just happy it wasn't the other names thrown into the mix before..

Now that Baby Q #2's due date is approaching, I'm even more confused than ever with picking out a name! We had one in the works for a few weeks, but then that simmered down. It wasn't very traditional.. yet it wasn't "out there" either.  Recently we had another front runner that was much more popular, and then I got the comment from the random someone WHO WORKS AROUND BABIES AND PREGNANT MOTHERS that said "This is what his nickname will be in middle school" which freaked me out.. but seriously? I need to stop letting people get into my head!

So the moral of this story is.. when someone tells you the name they are going to choose for their baby, please keep the reaction short and sweet. You can roll your eyes all you want in your head! Just don't show your cards. The couple is not choosing that name just to piss you off, the name obviously makes them happy. Once you meet the baby you'll wonder how he or she could have ever been named something different!

Currently there are now 5 frontrunners for this little guy. Who knows, maybe we'll figure it out on the way to the hospital, but obviously for crazy monogramming mommy's sake, I'd like to have this done today!

To be continued...

*My Yiayia genuinely approved of the first name we thought we had decided on for our baby boy and said she would keep it to herself so we wouldn't get any flack from the others. And I very much appreciate that. xo

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Bex said...

Yeah, we've just stopped telling people our frontrunners. I can't BELIEVE how rude people can be about this! (and yes, mostly family or very close friends...)

I don't really care that you went to school with a smelly girl with that name. Or that you worked with a woman 20 years ago with that name who was a bee-yotch. Seriously?????

Ali said...

The funny thing could tell people right now you want to name your kid Treestump. They'll hate it. If you tell them the day the baby is born, while the baby is in their arms, that the baby's name is Treestump...they'll just love it. And it won't matter :)

Lacey Bean said...

People are a-holes. First, I love that you named Baby Q Chloe! And whatever you pick for Baby Boy Q will be just as awesome.

No one gave me flack for Sadie's name, but at a Dr visit once, the aide called her Saddy.. Really?

Katelin said...

Oy, people are ridiculous sometimes and just so rude. I love C's name so much, it's just precious and fits her perfectly. And whatever name you pick for Baby Boy Q will be just as awesome and fabulous as you two are as parents. The end. Haters to the left.

thatShortchick said...

Baby Q #2's name will be just as sweet and adorable as Lady C's!

I gotta say, I really do feel badly for the onslaught of crapola other people project on you pregnant ladies.

while I was at work, in the women's bathroom, TWO different women hurled a barrage of questions (most of them extremely personal) at this pregnant woman who was just washing her hands. all I could do was stand there with my mouth open because I could not believe it.

Yiayia said...

Yiayia...the name and mouth you can trust. ; ) Hugs to you and Big Guy.

Hope said...

This is why we didn't tell anyone our daughter's name until after she was born. :p Ok, I sort of cheated, because it was a family name and most of my family knew that I liked it. When I got pregnant, I pretended that the name was some big secret.

I'd known for years what I wanted to name a daughter (I'm ridiculous like that), but we had no names for boys. And couldn't think of any that we both liked. So, I was totally relieved when the ultrasound tech said we were having a girl. If it had been a boy, he'd probably still be little baby no-name.