December 11, 2012

The Hospital Bag: what to pack

During my pregnancy with Lil C, I did not write too many pregnancy posts, because mostly.. I had no clue what I was doing! Now that we're hitting the final stretch of pregnancy #2, its time to pack up the good ole hospital bag again.When packing my bag the first time around, I absolutely adored reading this post by Molly at These Little Moments. It was almost like a advice column and a birthing class all wrapped into one! Definitely check it out as she will tell you everything (the good, bad and the ugly about your hospital stay)


I use this Vera Bradley large duffel bag, pictured above. There is a ton of room inside and its cute and durable. Check Ruelala every so often because the sometimes have awesome deals on these bags..

Comfy is key! Sure you'll have visitors coming in to see you and your new little family, but you are there to rest up and relax before they send you home on your own!

Makeup: If makeup makes you feel better-- and it does for me with this gorgeous pregnancy acne I've been blessed with-- pack up your best foundation, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. Since this baby is due in February, I'll probably leave the bronzer at home [who are we kidding]  ;)
Toiletries: I was there for two nights with C, so I'll stick with a travel size shampoo/conditioner, soap, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste. hair brush and elastics. My hospital has a hair dryer in the room-- so check before because you'll need every last inch of that bag.
- A robe and pajamas -- these ones from Target are perfect and cheap! I got them in black.
- Comfy socks, slippers and flip flops (for the shower). Note: all of these items should not be expensive at all. Leave your fancy stuff at home!
- Nursing tanks -- you will most likely be wearing these your entire stay, besides your pajamas. So invest in a few of them before your little bundle arrives.
- A good pair of sweats. Black yoga pants, or whatever you feel comfy in!
- NO underwear or bras. Leave them at home, even if they are nursing bras. The hospital will provide you some glamorous mesh undies. Victoria's Secret is missing the boat with these ones. Do not pack underwear. Trust.

Dad needs clothes too and toiletries and snacks! We're close enough to the hospital that Tough Guy can run home if he needs to. But pack some stuff for dad as well. He will let you know what he can survive with for 2 or so days.

** Keep in mind the hospital will have everything your baby needs! This is what they do! Anything you bring for your little one is just an extra.

- Receiving blankets: aden + anais are my absolute favorite. They are so soft and gentle, and its nice for you and dad to have some practice swaddling your new one when a nurse is there to make sure you are doing it right!
- 1 or 2 Baby Outfits: (*totally optional*) Since my due date is right in the middle of winter, all of the newborn outfits include a sweet little sweater or cardigan to keep baby warm. You'll appreciate the side button tee shirt the hospital dresses your newborn in, and to be honest they will be swaddled 99% of their stay. We used the baby hospital shirts with C for almost 3 weeks after taking her home.
- Baby Mittens: you guessed it! Mittens for babies.
- Newborn hats! The only thing I didn't feel bad about switching out to use instead of the hospital ones :)
- Boppy Pillow: for breastfeeding. If you are not sure you want to bring it, just have it packed in the car, your husband or a family member can always run out and grab it- and its easier than going all the way to your house to get it.
- Going Home Outfit: obviously this is more for the parents than it is the baby! We didn't go home til 10:30pm on a Sunday night, so while C looked beautiful in her first outfit departing the hospital, we were a little too tired to make a big deal about it!

- Paperwork: Bring a folder with any admittance forms you need and your birth plan, etc. And always include a pen! You will also receive a lot of handouts from the hospital, so its nice not to worry about losing any important paperwork.
- Music: I loved having an iPod in the delivery room! Just see what your hospital supplies in terms of speakers. We just needed to bring a USB cord to hook up the iPod to the speakers and then we were golden. 
- Camera, duh. We brought our Canon Rebel DSLR and still love looking back at all those pictures (AFTER) the birth and the rest of the hospital stay.
- Chargers: iPad, iPod, Phone and Camera. And laptop. iPad was for Tough Guy. I pretty much just used my phone and camera during the hospital stay.
- Pillows: bring one or two from home. You'll sleep much better with them.
- Car Seat: That's important.  You will not get to go home without having one!
- Pinterest: Yes, this goes to show how the times are changing. But I've been putting aside some newborn hospital picture ideas on one of my Pinterest boards, so its nice that all I need is my iPhone to access this!

- Granola bars: throw some in your bag, you'll appreciate it at the most random time during your stay.
- Swedish fish or sour patch kids.. no this has nothing to do with it being one of the only things I've craved during this pregnancy. 
- Popsicles: since C was two days past her due date, I had plenty of time to think of the randomness that are popsicles. My hospital had a community fridge in the Maternity ward, so as long as it was labeled. You were good to go!

Last advice, definitely take home anything from the hospital that you can!! They will provide you with many things, but don't be afraid to ask for a few more! Especially the pacifiers. Babies R Us made a very similar one, but hospital ones are the best-- and I'm pretty sure we lost the 3 we brought home within 2 days-- with our dog Rocco eating 2 of them. 

*Another great post on this subject I found off Pinterest was from E Tells Tales, which you can check out here.

What were some of the things you loved having most in your hospital bag?

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Hope said...

I bought some fun Paul Frank slipper socks with grippy soles. They were great for wandering around when I was still capable for walking. And the nurses all thought that they were a hoot!

I wished that I had packed more clothes for me to wear in the hospital. We were there for a few days and I was in those stupid hospital gowns pretty much the whole time. When I finally put on my own PJs, I felt a million times better.