January 25, 2013

Nesting + Etsy

Ohhhh, nesting! It sounds so relaxing and sweet. But when you have a toddler around, its not really nesting as its more constantly being on your (pregnant and tired) toes.

If I'm only going to get 4-5 hours sleep each night because said bump is taking over the house, at least the Internet has pinterest and etsy to keep this night owl company! While I've been blessed with the most amazing boys clothes from fantastic friends with baby boys, I've had to get a little shopping out of my system.. I mean, I'm still Julie from the block. Blonk.

I bought a few things for Lil C on etsy back when I was nesting with her- but it was mostly sweet little prints for her nursery. This time around, I was craving Chevron. Lots. Of. Chevron.

Baby Boy Q update:  This guy is ready to arrive! Hit full term last week so who knows what will happen within the next couple weeks. Have already encountered a contraction (boy, have I missed those wonderful things!) but baby is still chilling.. my midwife thinks he'll be a little big bigger than his sister was, so remind me to pack a big fat bottle of white wine in my hospital bag for after.. kidding kidding. Because the sad thing is, I'd totally settle for a turkey sub instead at this point!

Getting back to etsy fabulousity, here are my a few of my favorites that I've purchased << also makes great gifts too! >>

Handmade Set of 3 Chevron Burp Cloths, via mimikinsboutique ($15)

Chevron Swaddler Baby Blanket, via lippybrand ($24)

Nursery Print, via mindyink ($15)

Baby Month Stickers-- Preppy Green Gators, via preppychick ($12)

But we can't forget our darling Miss C! Was so excited to find these little girl bows that are made in Lilly Pulitzer fabric! Perfect for spring. Check them out at looking4lilly ($4.95)

And since I was on an etsy spree, the last item was a cute adorable heart scarf at FashionScarvesforyou for the pregnant chick. ($9.95) Even though its destined to be covered up by newborn spit up in the near future.

 What's been your favorite Etsy purchase recently?

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Katelin said...

oh i love all of it, especially the Ladies love Gentlemen print, so cute! i just bought two prints for friends on Etsy & they're lovely. seriously Etsy is the best.

also, yay BABY BOY Q is coming soon SOOOON & i'm so excited for you!!! xo

Nanette said...

So cute, all of it!

And I literally LOLed at your "blonk." Nene would be proud.

Hope said...

My feet were too swollen for proper nesting! :p

I did a lot of Etsy therapy as well. My favorite was a set of book love prints: http://www.etsy.com/shop/trafalgarssquare?section_id=6791628

hthakurblog said...

I loved all of it.
At my time, I bought Yellow Nesting Doll baby onesie from Etsy.

Deepali Sharma said...

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