January 27, 2013

Ocean Bump

If you've noticed, I rarely take pictures of myself (or have them taken of me) during the last month(s) of pregnancy. Some friends are so good documenting it.. and they always look FAB! I just feel blah.. and its always the last few lbs are the killer ones for me: with this pregnancy its 23, 24 and 25.

But today I had such a nice time on the North Shore this afternoon celebrating my brother and his lovely fiance's upcoming nuptials and even snapped a couple ones since my car was parked to the most gorgeous view ever!

 The happy couple, MQ and Lexi!

So there you have it. Pregnant face and all! Alright little man, let's get going now :)

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Katelin said...

seriously you look absolutely lovely! & come on little man, everyone is ready to meet you xo

thatShortchick said...

you mean it's not every pregnant woman's wish to have a photo shoot especially if it involves pickles?

but nonetheless you are an adorable pregnant lady!!

debbieQ said...

It was a wonderful shower and you look great, but that is my motherly opinion and it should count! I can't wait for the little guy. We will have fun!

Hope said...

I think you look super cute! I did not want to photographed my last month. Not at all. Not one bit. I was retaining so much water, I resembled a balloon animal.

weltsie said...

You look beautiful!

Miss Courtney said...

I'm not sure how I got here, but I'm loving your blog and will probably follow you on Twitter. I thought I'd share that my photo for work was taken when I was about 8 months pregnant. They don't re-take those, so I'll have pregnant face until I retire!