January 5, 2013

Queen of Hearts

After the last Christmas decoration is packed away, hearts immediately flood my mind. I love hearts, they are so girly and fabulous.. and much like Chevron, they just make me happy whenever I see them! I'm not even that into Valentine's Day. I think its more exciting during the dating stage and childhood phase (my mom always got me the prettiest things for V-day!! But hearts should not be saved just for that Hallmark holiday! Although I do consider it an added bonus when you can let your freak flag fly with your hearts obsession during the first couple months of the year.

1. BW Prints Chevron Heart, $14  /   2.  J Crew Factory Printed Hearts iPhone 5 Case, $16  /  3.  aden + anais Muslin Heart Swaddle Wrap, $14  /  4.  J Crew Heartbreaker sweater, $79.99   /  5.  baby Gap Heart Printed Skinny Jeans, $34.95  /  6. Anthropologie Hopeful Hearts studs, $32   /  7. Red Hearts Print Scarf, $12.95

Do not worry, there's more amazing hearts-ness coming to the JQ Lounge.. and it involves the ridonculous present Chels got for Lil C but we'll save that for its own blog post ;)

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Susan said...

LOVE. And can't wait to see the present!