April 18, 2013


I packed up my little kiddos to go watch the Boston Marathon on Monday. We drove to Newton to meet up with some friends and walked to a nice little area to start cheering on runners.  The two hours I was there flew by chasing Lil C around, clapping for all the runners, feeding Royal under the hooter hider, all while tracking my friends who were running via the Boston Marathon iPhone app. I packed up the children and headed back home. No sooner than 5 minutes in my house did I get a frantic phone call from my mom "You didn't go to Boston did you to watch, did you?" "There was an explosion"

the day was cheerful and bright before the afternoon's tragic events
You just get that confused feeling deep in your gut. I got the same feeling that chilly Friday in December when I turned on the news after reading some confusing tweets about Newtown, CT.

An hour then flew by refreshing Facebook every 10 seconds to see if my friends updated their status to say they were safe. Not just the runners, but all their friends and family that were in town meeting them after the race. Freaking out at Instagram seeing a few friends who had posted pics near the finish line just an hour earlier.. Wondering if your friends who work downtown were in the office today, or if they had the day off.

You then start trying to figure it out in your head.. was it an electrical explosion? There has to be some reason for this. Its never a good sign when even the newscasters can't keep it together. And then there was the loop of video they kept showing over and over of the first explosion. Its hard to even type 'bomb'. Not in Boston. Not on Boylston. Not on Marathon Monday.

Its absolutely heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was effected by this act of evil. It was such a beautiful day out and its so near and dear to people from all over the world to be able to go cheer on runners on Patriots Day. Most of these runners running for a cause.

There have been so many lovely blog posts and facebook posts about Boston that have made me smile and tear up and smile again. We may be Mass-holes, but we take care of our own.

I will hold my babies a little tighter after Monday's events.. but feel much better knowing there are so many kind people in this world, especially in this great American city.

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Katelin said...

oh goodness, it's all so sad. i'm glad you guys are okay though.

Hope said...

I'm so glad that you and yours are ok.

maiah said...

"We may be Mass-holes, but we take care of our own."