April 2, 2013

Oh.. I had a baby!

Meet Royal! That's his blog name for now because I'm crafty like that. He's now well over a month old and has been soaking up all of my free time (well.. him, Lil C, Tough Guy, Bravo television and twitter of course)

Lil C has been the most fabulous big sister and she takes her role very seriously. She loves to point out his eyes, nose and ears..  as well as trying to take over his bassinet, pacifier, and anything else newborn related. 

I also finally perfected how to cut her bangs perfectly.. many thanks to my Yiayia's advice of twisting it first and then cutting it so it falls messy but straight. 

If only Suri Cruise had Lil C's mom for hair and styling advice...

Excited to be back blogging. Cannot wait to share the adventures in parenting two little kiddos..

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Megan Ginsberg said...

Congratulations!! I definitely think you win with the hairstyling!

Jackie said...

He looks so handsome in his Burberry onesie!

Noelani said...

Excited to have you back blogging and congrats on the newest addition!! Your yiayia gives hair advice to?! I can barely get a recipe for tzatiki out of mine;)

thatShortchick said...

what a handsome little baby boyQ :) and Lady C is totally rocking those bangs!

Hope said...

OMG, I am so behind... congrats!!!!

He's gorgeous! And LC is rocking the hell out of those bangs. :D