August 5, 2013

Little People Bunkbeds

Taking a couple minutes to figure out how to login to my blog = signs you are a wanker and don't blog anymore.

Let's not get emotional about that though, because I want to talk about bunk beds. My kids are not in the same room yet (it's coming!) and hopefully it'll be a couple more years til Royal wants to leave the blessed place that is a crib.. but if for any reason they need bunk beds, I am obsessed with this UK company, fun furniture collection (via LilSugar).

A few favs..

VW Camper ($1200)

Range Rover (though I would prefer the Land Rover Discovery version)

Double Decker Bus -- I hear Prince George is in the crib version..

These are so cute and yet semi claustrophobic. Oasis CD included!

Hopefully y'all are having a lovely summer! Catch up post is very necessary... 

1 comment:

Katelin said...

the double decker bus is super cute, i sort of really love it!