How to use time reporting application

How to use time reporting application

Our program’s basic is its customer time revealing. With added providers as well as alterations, we can easily satisfy the revealing but also functionality calls for of many companies.It could be as elementary as acknowledging the overwhelming need to clear the mind with a stroll from the sun light, realizing that this much simple endeavor at self is simply not a pointless exercise, but alternatively time one could handle.

Distinct needs

We designed our technologies to be an easy task to adapt because of its consumers because different companies have different demands.

Easy to customize

They can make sophisticated changes for consumers whether you might have extra unique demands. Utilize the platform as being a place to start, and we’ll build from that point.

Which companies are chronox right for?

A variety of enterprises can usually benefit from our time confirming. Development organizations will manage to benefit from the work get process and work orders (arbetsorder). You receive a great perspective of provide sequence administration utilizing chronox flexible function rules computations, through operate purchase organization via invoice confirmation.

Flexible to adapt

The system came to be to be able to generate upkeep requests that fit the requirements of countless various organizations. Merely the fabric you want to put in the production orders is integrated in order that it matches your employee’s overall performance.


A complimentary analysis from the work report is available when you commence this system to ensure that you will always enhance it just as much as practicable.

The computer that is devote a community place, such as a safe-keeping service and even shifting facilities, serves as the main component. Personnel may sign in and around in this article, along with sign-up their details if it’s their initial time.

This mobile phone software is downloaded about the owner’s phone along with displays the areas where the specific has become admitted. Just at the hit in the button, their employees registers inside and out.