The Future of Mars Exploration: A Virtual Land on Mars

The Future of Mars Exploration: A Virtual Land on Mars

Mars is really a world that has been in news reports a lot just recently. Elon Musk has released his intend to deliver people to Mars, and NASA is planning on giving another rover there in 2020. With this post, we shall discuss what is after that for area investigation: virtually buy mars land!

The Truth!

Although area is certainly a fascinating topic, it’s easy to forget that there are folks actually living and working in room at this time. Actually, the International Space Station (ISS) continues to be continuously engaged in excess of 18 several years!

The ISS is all about twice provided that a football field and weighs around 450 tons. To place that into viewpoint, should you withstood using one feet with the forearms outstretched while keeping an apple in each hands, one of those particular apples would weigh up almost precisely what the whole ISS does!

With that being said, it is not really surprising when you consider how much information astronauts need to take up there together: food materials for 6 months at any given time along with plenty home fitness equipment to allow them to stay healthy, just among others things.

The Dream!

So what’s up coming for area search? Online territory on Mars! The theory is the fact men and women are able to check out Mars in VR and check out its surface area without needing to depart World.

This might be really helpful for education astronauts, because they would be able to discover the landscape and the ways to browse through it before they ever establish foot on earth by itself. It is also useful for clinical study, as professionals would be able to study Martian rocks and garden soil without needing to vacation there their selves.

Lastly, it may be a vacationer destination! Men and women could go to different parts of Mars in VR and experience what it is want to stand on the Red-colored Earth.

Though it’s a goal, right now, you can present your family a sheet of Mars. All that you should do is buy an acre on Mars from and convert the ideal into actuality!


Though we haven’t been to Mars yourself, provides the opportunity to purchase an acre on Mars! So what on earth are you currently waiting around for? Go to these days! And who is familiar with, probably one day it is possible to check out Mars in VR being a visitor location!